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Just Imagine it all going away….

Rhymes and dimes are hives in my book

I blink once, blink twice to take a second look

the walls are cold, the smell is old

and the feeling is familiar —

so I’ve been told

i try to block out this tornado of a world

i try to see that sunset on the beach that makes my toes curl

inhale that salty paradise

exhale the bitter stab of a knife

replay that soothing waterfall

control.alt,delete the demons that I saw

i just want it all to go away

please God, please keep the blackness at bay

keep the turmoil hidden behind the sun

play a little hide and seek just for fun

make this pain go away

just so that i can consider living for another day

wash the hatred off this shore

show me love through another door

all i want is to have peace

so I’ll check out once again and float upon the sea.