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The Fish In Me

I’m 18 years old. I will be a college freshman at Columbia college in Chicago in September. I’m an easy-going , creative, passionate, shy,caring, and sometimes stubborn ,goofy at times, fun-loving person , but get to know me and you’ll get use to all of that. I’m a striving performing artist , looking to share my music with the world . Right now i’m currently unemployed but will do almost anything right about now to get a job so i could get my education all 4 or more years in college. I’m also an aspiring writer. Poetry has touched my heart in a mmmm, thats good chocolate kind of a way and i’m liking it. I have expressed my self in ways i never knew i could. I’m not just a home body and sit around making music and writing poetry all day kind of a girl… well let’s say 90% of the time i am , but the other 10 % i am active i enjoy, swimming and volleyball and basketball(go bulls) and i am currently starting to get interested in rock climbing. I could never say no to amusement parks or carnivals ,most of the time i’m just there for the rides. I love a good thrill. I’m also into scary movies,  i’m not a movie collector but if i hear from friends that it was a good movie i will see it. I’m not the ultimate party hopper but i can get in the mood when the crowd is right. I’m not a drinker or a smoker, no drug of any kind. I want a little puppy so bad , but i don’t have my own place ,right now so it’s out of the question (as far as i know) . Most of the time i can remember a person by there face and not by their name so if i meet you and have one of those”hey, ,,,you” moments please know that i do remember you just not your name, i need a refresher sometimes. Other than that everything is pretty cool in Shannon land. Peace and Love


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